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Office machines are a fact of life in every business. But if you’re emptying your bank account to buy toner, it’s time for a better solution…Why not try Intelligently Re-Engineered imaging products designed to the very same standards and specifications as name brand (OEM) supplies.

Keep more of your money with The Toner Kings and save up to 60 % off dealer prices. You’ll find all the leading toner brands to fit your office machines. We supply toner for fortune 500 companies, as well as small home businesses and have been a leading toner supplier for over 24 years.

The Toner Kings offers a 100%, 3- year guarantee on EVERY product – so there’s no risk in trying a new toner solution! And there’s no waiting either – shipping is always fast & free. 1-2 DAY FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Stop emptying your wallet to restock your toner supply! Save up to 60 % off typical toner prices… it’s that simple.

The ONLY true name brand (OEM) alternative product on the market.

  • 3-year warranty.
  • SCS Technology (secondary cleaning system on all HP color cartridges to extend the life of a cartridge)
  • Patents and Innovations
  • Computer-guided laser cutting and welding.
  • Extended yield cartridges.
  • Award Winning Quality.
  • ACT (advanced color technologies)

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MSE puts their focus on product quality, innovation, green initiatives and global distribution in an effort to provide the most positive customer experience possible. Their Green Initiatives and Intelligent Re-Engineering process allow us dealers to meet the needs of the marketplace, commercially, environmentally and technologically.

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